Growing up there, amongst the trees, instilled so many important things in me.

Here’s the shortlist: a passion for food, an obsession with baby goats (I mean seriously, is there anything cuter?), a tendency to DIY everything and the belief that I can teach myself to do pretty much anything if I want to (thanks Mom and Dad!)

As a kid I was obsessed with Harriet The Spy. I wanted to be her – mostly I wanted to have an awesome spy kit. Really it was all about the perfect bag to hold all the essentials for my seven-year-old spy adventures. This is where my obsession with finding and making the perfect bag began – now, I make grown up leather versions of these for fun.

I LOVE learning.


I’ll probably go to school forever. So far my official schooling has included:

  • Five years of making my own degree in ‘Humans’ at SFU. Basically I studied people through as many lenses as possible before I realized that I actually don’t really like academia. So I left to explore other things like: 
  • Design school – because I love making beautiful and function things. And really, I just wanted to know how to design my own planner. #PlannerNerd
  • Two years of studying coaching and leadership at The Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

Now, I’ve managed to combine it all into work that I LOVE!

I’ve had many entrepreneurial ventures starting from the age of four when I made goggles out of egg cartons and pipe cleaners and sold them on the ferry on my family vacation. I sold out. No big d. I started working for myself for realz while I was still in school. I am proud to say I was fully self-employed three months after graduating from design school.

Since then, I have been lucky enough to work with buckets of awesome people including some truly amazing clients like Danielle LaPorte, Rian Kerfoot, Chloe Elgar, Kate Muker, Jenna Herbut and many many more.

Hmmm, what else?

Oh, I could never get behind the whole ‘broke-student-backpacking’ thing. From a pretty young age I decided that instead, I was going to create a life where I could work and travel while being able to stay in nice places and eat things other than mac n cheese.

So, in late 2014, when my boyfriend and I decided that being roommates was ruining our relationship, he got a beautiful apartment in downtown Vancouver and I began my nomading adventure. For the next 26 months I travelled and house-satmy way around North America and Europe. All out of these two bags.

He later moved to california and then back. I recently fell in love with and moved to Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. 

I love truffle oil, like LOVE it. Foxes are my spirit animal. I love kids movies. My middle name is Tupper. For real. I have a minor addiction to My Little Pony. I have a goal to stay in every Ace Hotel in the world.

Oh, and I am super fascinated with human sexuality. At one point I was considering becoming a sexologist. Ultimately, I decided that I could do that work more holistically, but I still love talking about sex. It is such a mirror for us and how we operate in our lives.

Hot tip: if you can be vulnerable and ask for what you want in bed, you can do that anywhere in your life!

So there’s a little introduction into this creative soul. I hope it inspired you to own some of the weirder and wilder pieces of yourself.


Because the world needs more of that.

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