As a bit of a wild child who grew up on a farm in the woods of British Columbia, freedom is one of my biggest values. I have built my life, my relationships and my business around being free to do what I want to do, when I want to do it, how I want to do it.

Right now, living wildly looks like a life split three ways between the city, the woods and travelling. My wild life looks like a business that can be run from anywhere, lots of free time and amazing relationships that support my wandering ways. It looks like spending the time (and money) to do the inner work to know my wildest, most natural self and showing up as her as much as possible. It means owning my gifts and doing work that I am inspired to and helping other creative souls (like you) to do the same.


That’s what living wildly is for me. What does living wildly look like for you?

Azalea is like no other creative mind I’ve ever met. She meets you right where you are and then lifts this magical curtain and shows you all of these amazingly cool things that you never even knew existed. The process of working with her was one part glitter (like, we used actual glitter to dream things up and play), one part fierce strategy, and one part obsessively detailed execution. She doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to putting all of the pieces together into something that not only looks amazing but functions flawlessly.

Rian Kerfoot

Writer + Empowerment Coach, Rian Kerfoot

Ready to bring your wilder life... to life?

There are currently two ways I can help you bring your business and brand to the world – quickily – so you can get back to your wilder life.

You + Me

Jam Session.

90 minutes.

Whatever You Need.


My brain is all yours.

You need a beautiful Brand

And you need it quick.  

Azalea is incredibly authentic and there is no divide between who she is personally and who she is professionally. I would say the only difference is that when she is in a space of inspiration- she becomes a wild, creative and focused lady and it’s like walking into her art room with paints and brushes all over the place. She passionately creates things of beauty and inserts her touch and magic into everything she works with. I truly feel that Azalea is only just beginning to tap into her true magic and working with her is an incredible gift- you better be ready for it!

Chloe Elgar

Holistic Nutritionist, Writer, Speaker + Self-Taught Food Photographer, Chloe's Countertop

Honouring. That is my favourite word to describe Azalea. She honoured me in every way. If I was leery or hesitant around her suggestions she honoured my thoughts and feelings and from there dug deeper to see where the disconnect was. Her creative process drew out the best in both of us and the results were beyond what I could have imagined.

Joyful. My second favourite word to describe her. You can always count on walking away from every interaction feeling positive and uplifted. Simply put – she’s amazing.

Dr. Gayle Friend

Sexologist , Dr. Gayle Friend

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